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About STA

It has been said that all title insurance companies are the same because most title insurance policies provide the same protections. However, it is important that a title policy be issued by a title insurance company with a financially secure underwriter with a strong claims-paying ability. Since service is what differentiates title companies, it's important to use a title company committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of its customers.

STA Title & Escrow, Inc. is one of the oldest and most successful title insurance companies in central Virginia, thanks to their commitment to providing their customers with the best possible title and closing services available.

A Brief History

Over twenty years ago, on March 12, 1986, Spotsylvania Title Agency, Inc. opened its doors in the historic Spotswood Inn building at Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia with only one employee. In 1996, Sonia Kuppert joined the company as its sole employee and general manager. Since that time, STA has experienced rapid growth in the geographic area that it serves and in the range of services that it provides to its customers. The company has opened four satellite offices, has formed several affiliated title insurance companies and has created a subsidiary, STA Insurance Services, LLC, for the sale of homeowners insurance, auto insurance and other personal and commercial lines of insurance. In 2006, in recognition of its growth beyond the Spotsylvania, Virginia area, the company changed its name to STA Title & Escrow, Inc. Ms. Kuppert has been successfully managing the company through this period of growth while maintaining the professional, personalized service that STA is well known for.

The company now employs over a dozen employees and maintains an excellent reputation as central Virginia's premier title insurance agency. James E. Jarrell, III, STA's president, attributes STA's success to its employees, who share a people-oriented approach to business and a concern for each individual customer's transaction. STA is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients, and our customers are extremely loyal because of STA's employees' willingness to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Focus on Service

STA has adopted a number of policies to pursue its goal of exceeding customer expectations. First, STA has maintained on-staff title examiners. This gives STA the ability to control the quality and scheduling of the title examinations. This flexibility is often crucial in accommodating our customers' needs. Next, STA is determined to fully utilize the latest in technological advances in the title industry, while maintaining the personalized service that STA is known for. For example, with our PaperlessCloser transaction management system you can check on the status of your file online, twenty-four hours a day; however, if you decide to call our office you will always talk to a live person - we don't use voicemail. Third, in keeping with our goal for providing exceptional title insurance protection to our customer, STA issues the ALTA Homeowner's Policies which offer enhanced coverages and expanded protection against title issues that may not show up for months or years after the purchase.

Financial Security

In addition to its unparalled customer focus, STA has the unique ability to issue title policies for three of the largest and most highly rated title insurance underwriters:
  • Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
  • Southern Title Insurance Corporation.
  • Stewart Title Guaranty Company.
Virginia Presence

With its headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia, STA Title & Escrow, Inc. now has 3 office locations throughout central Virginia, including 2 in the Fredericksburg metro area, and an office in Caroline County, Virginia.



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