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Industry Professionals
Realtorís Services

Realtors appreciate our individual attention to them and their customers. With our commitment to the latest technology we are able to provide superior service at a reasonable cost to your customers. We understand that it is important to you that your customers have a smooth closing, and it is our goal to make the closing process as simple for your customers as possible.

In addition to providing excellent service to your customers, we also do the small things to make your life as a realtor easier. Your closing officer is available to answer your questions and your clientís questions. However, we also provide services that allow you to keep up with your files without having to call our office. With Paperless Closer, our online transaction management system, you can check on all of your files 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Also, we will automatically send you e-mails to update you on the status of each of your cases. We offer flexibility in scheduling closings and we expedite the disbursement and delivery of commission payments.

Let STA’s professional staff handle your closings from start to finish so that your clients have a good experience and you can focus on what you do best.

New Service for Realtors


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